Bird Bomb

Bird Bomb

Posted on December 10, 2013 Bird Bomb is back at it with some outstanding updates and newly added features that really beef this action/ action game. When we originally reviewed this game for the iOS version back in February, we seen a few features that at the time we felt were missing from the game & the developer has literally dropped some awesome bomb features to really round out the game. In Bird Bomb, you play as a bird that soars throughout the area dropping bird bombs on running villagers that are trying to reach safety. Let too many of them to get away and your game will be over. Now the controls will take a little time to master by tilting your device but I will say this once you get used to them and with new features that include, People having a white halo, so they are easier to see, Targets highlighting in red when the bird is aimed toward them, & Targets are easier to hit to name a few. Other great new features that add more difficulty include the new threats of a dog & helicopter that can easily cause damage or even end your game.

Overall this game has really come a long way in making sure the game play runs smooth and with the new features makes it more user friendly to pick up and play. Another very cool feature that has been added is the 'Bird on Fire' mode, which gives unlimited bombs, slows time, and increases movement for a period of time. Bird Bomb is currently available on Google Play for free so make sure to click the link below to install it today and start dropping bombs. We challenge you to beat Monster Mobile Marketing's high score of 48,022 pts.

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App Details
Price: FREE
Version: 1.3.8
Size: 33.0 MB
Store Category: Arcade & Action

Developer: WurrGames
Website:Click Here

App Link: Available on Google Play

Developers Description

You are Hooteus, First Poonisher of the League of Feathers, taking back the planet for bird-kind. Humans have encroached on your habitat for too long, and it's time for payback.

To play, launch 'bombs' of the mysterious and powerful substance known as Poonish from your chest-mounted trepoochet. Hit people repeatedly to knock them down before they can escape into nearby buildings. Your game is over when too many people escape without being knocked down.

Keep the game going as long as you can, earn achievements for hit streaks and more.

*** Features ***
- Challenging 3D game play that requires skillful aim, timing and anticipation to hit targets successfully.
- On-screen in-game tutorial that gets you started.
- Intuitive controls that take advantage of the touch screen interface.
- Simply slide your finger forward anywhere on the left-side of the screen to accelerate.
- Tap anywhere on the right-side of the screen to fire.
- Touch and hold anywhere on the right-side of the screen to drop quickly.
- Swipe down on the left-side to reverse direction quickly.
- Use of the built-in accelerometer
- Tilt the device up to fly higher, or down to fly lower.
- Tilt the device left or right to steer.
- Use of phone vibrations to give feedback when taking damage.
- Great music and sound effects.
- A hornet companion named Hyde accompanies you, scouting for and leading you to targets via a glowing trail.
- Collect gifts to invoke the 'Bird on Fire' mode to move faster, slow time, and get unlimited ammo for a time.
- Scoreloop achievements and leaderboards.

Visit us at to see a video, learn more about how to play, and get game play tips.

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What's New
- Increased font and social button size for high DPI devices (i.e. GS4)
- A helicopter threat and new dog
- Added 'Bird on Fire' mode, which gives unlimited bombs, slows time, and increases movement for a period of time
- Targets are easier to hit
- Bombs cause splash damage for points and damage
- People have a white halo, so they are easier to see
- Targets highlight in red when bird is aimed toward them
- Bombs knock objects like the cart around
- Improved menu scene
- Fixed terrain texture